About the Artist

While searching for gifts for my family and friends I became increasingly disappointed with all the "mass produced" gifts on the market and the lack of unique, locally produced items.  

So I began creating gifts myself... and Rock Paper Scissors Art Studio was born!  

My favorite medium at the moment is (obviously) wire and paper mache.  I love to experiment with different techniques and materials, and in that way my pieces are always evolving.

As I began creating these pieces for my own family and friends, these sculptures have always been very personalised - created to reflect the passions and interests of the recipient.  I continue to strive for a  "personal" aspect to my creations and hope that they make unique, thoughtful and inspiring gifts (either for yourself or others!).

My pieces are also inspired by mountain life; In 2010 my husband, daughter and I moved from Australia to the Chamonix-Mont Blanc Valley in France.  This is a place where people come to indulge in their passions - whether it be skiing, climbing, hiking, parapenting.... there is no shortage of inspiration for my next creation!

I hope you enjoy my work and if you are interested in having me create a custom piece just for you please don't hesitate to Contact Me.

Anna Lince